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Esther Shedrack

Litigation Manager

Esther is an advocate of the High Court in Tanzania and all subordinate courts save for primary courts. She has seven years’ experience as an advocate and two years’ experience as a legal officer. She holds Bachelor of Laws Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practices.

She has specialized in Corporate and Commercial, Civil and Criminal litigation. Over the past years displayed skills in creation and perfection of security interests, registration of chattels, advising banks through legal opinions on syndicate loan arrangements, registration of foreign loans and external borrowing, guarantees, apostils and legalization of bank documents, mergers and acquisitions, fair competition laws to mention but a few.

Beside litigation, Esther has advised on corporate secretarial duties to various companies well established in practice of corporate governance and company compliance issues, thus able to see through due diligence process for corporate clients She has done uncountable corporate file audits at BRELA for clients including banks’ customers before the bank commits to issue credit facilities. She is familiar with most regulatory bodies and registries in the country.